Jacob Rees-Mogg demolished in chaotic GB News interview on ‘culture wars’ and Brexit

Political commentator Marina Purkiss and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg have clashed on GB News, over Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and culture wars. 

The pair went head-to-head during a confrontational interview on the right-wing television channel on Tuesday (25 April), with the former minister accusing Purkiss of “abuse” over the government’s Brexit policies. 

Prior to her appearance on the channel, Purkiss explained she had often turned down GB News but saw this as a key opportunity to challenge Rees-Mogg head on.

She said on Twitter her “threshold for bulls**t couldn’t be lower” before appearing on Rees-Mogg’s show, as her family had just had to put their dog to sleep.

During the segment, Purkiss claimed the Tory government are using outrage fanned by culture wars, such as offensive street names being renamed, changes to Roald Dahl’s texts and no-platforming, to distract from policies that actually impact people’s lives. 

“The reason you are doing that,” Purkiss said, “is because otherwise people might just focus on the real grievances in their lives which are basically caused by your government.”

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Rees-Mogg said her comments were “abuse”.

“But doesn’t no-platforming affect people’s lives because freedom of speech is absolutely essential for the political discussion that we are going to have,” Rees-Mogg queried. 

“But Jacob, do you really know what impacts lives? Is it Roald Dahl being rewritten… is it the renaming of a street, is – I don’t know – some ‘woke’ policy,” she responded. 

“Or, is it the concern that they are going to be waiting for an ambulance and die, is it the concern that their children are getting a poor education, is it the concern that we have got the highest energy bills on the planet?”

‘If you promise something and it doesn’t materialise, that is a lie’

The pair proceeded to go back and forth, speaking over each other on various points about freedom of speech and Brexit, with Purkiss calling Jacob Rees-Mogg a “liar” multiple times. 

Rees-Mogg hit back, saying Purkiss did not have a “proper political argument” whilst she said at the same time: “You never say, you know what, I am really sorry. I told you that everything is going to be better and cheaper, and its not”. 

“If you promise something and it doesn’t materialise, that is a lie,” Purkiss added, in reference to promises made prior to the Brexit referendum and subsequent deal which saw the UK leave the European Union in 2020.

At one point, Purkiss referred to the Tory MP-turned-GB News-host as “Mr Freedom of Speech”, for his support of a bill which would see disruptive protests banned whilst decrying no-platforming.

“Free speech so long as I [meaning Jacob Rees-Mogg] am ok with it,” Purkiss barbed. 

Following her appearance on the show, Purkiss hit back at those who claimed she was “rude” to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“I’m confused I thought these people were all for “direct critical feedback” and robustly telling people if they’re no good at their job.

“Make your minds up, snowflakes,” she said.

She also noted that the GB News studio had gender-neutral toilet facilities, something the show’s presenters have rallied against whilst on air. 

“Side note… While at GB News, I went to the bathroom and it was …unisex!,” she wrote on Twitter, “Meaning Wooten or Farage could have just walked in at any time 

“Now, that is terrifying.”

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