Australian PM Anthony Albanese ‘fails’ LGBTQ+ students and teachers by delaying anti-discrimination laws

The Prime Minister has been accused of "failing" those in the LGBTQ+ community. (Getty)

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been accused of “failing” LGBTQ+ students and teachers for delaying a bill which would update anti-discrimination laws in schools.

On 19 March, reports suggested that the Labor leader told members of parliament that he would proceed with changes to the anti-discrimination laws, only if he received bipartisan support from Opposition leader Peter Dutton. Currently, laws allow religious schools to expel students and fire teachers under the premise of their LGBTQ+ identity.

Advocacy groups have since spoken out over the decision, acknowledging that previous governments also failed to remove such exemptions against the LGBTQ+ community

Just.Equal spokesperson Rodney Croome said: “In its entire time in office the Coalition failed to protect LGBTIQA+ students and staff from discrimination by faith-based schools, and it’s very unlikely to have changed its mind,” Croome said in a statement. 

“By giving the Coalition a veto over Labor policy, Anthony Albanese has broken Labor’s election commitment and sold out LGBTIQA+ students and staff. It’s deeply disappointing Anthony Albanese has put prejudice ahead of the equal human rights of vulnerable students and hard-working teachers.”

“Last year Albanese walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark World Pride and now he is throwing us off the bridge to appease those who want the right to expel, sack and otherwise mistreat us,” Croome said. 

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The activist also urged LGBTQ+ Australians and allies to write to the PM urging him to stick to his vow to reform the flawed law.

Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown said Albanese’s apparent stance was a “crushing blow” to LGBTQ+ faculties and pupils.

“This will come as a crushing blow for those waiting for better protections including women, people who are divorced or in de facto relationships, and people of faith,” Brown said in a statement.

“We urge the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and all parliamentarians to do the right thing and get these reforms through parliament. The law is out of step with 21st-century community expectations and it’s time for it to finally change,” Brown said.

PinkNews has contacted a representative of Anthony Albanese for a comment on the matter.