Toddlers, 3, attacked in ‘transphobic hate crime’ in Belfast

Two three-year-old twin girls were attacked in a suspected “transphobic-motivated hate crime” that was directed at their transgender father in Belfast. 

The toddlers were reportedly subjected to verbal and physical abuse after a group of about 10 youths, aged around 12, tripped and pushed them, while they were in park. 

The youths also launched transphobic insults at the youngsters, making fun of their father before he moved in to take them home. 

Police are now investigating the incident, which occurred last week, as an “assault” and an appeal for witnesses has been launched. 

‘Transphobic-motivated hate crime’

A Police Service of Northern Ireland spokesperson told The Irish Sun: “In addition to our social media appeal, enquiries remain ongoing into this report of a transphobic-motivated hate crime.”

Trans woman Adrianne Elson, who lives in Belfast, described the incident as “horrific”. She said the youths taunted the toddlers with laughter and told them: “Your dad’s a girl”. Things “got worse and worse”, she added. 

“The twins didn’t know what to do. They’re only three. One of these young people had pulled one of the girls off one of the rides in the park at the outset which really upset her.

“They followed them out of the park at Glenbryn and started tripping them up. One of the twins was pushed into a wall and hit her head. It was so upsetting and frightening for these children and their dad.”

Elson said the dad managed to get his daughters home but broke down as he embraced them afterwards. 

Referring to Brianna Ghey, the transgender teenager murdered in a park in England last year, Elson added: ”I just hope that we never have to hear of anything like that happening again.” 

Ghey was stabbed 28 times in the back, head and neck in Culceth Linear Park in Warrington, Cheshire. Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 16, were found guilty of her murder at Manchester Crown Court in December.

They were jailed for life in February, with Jenkinson having to serve a minimum of 22 years and Ratcliffe 20 years.