Family Matters star Darius McCrary features in steamy OnlyFans clip with trans model Sidney Starr

Family Matters star Darius McCrary and trans model Sidney Starr.

Darius McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow in the US sitcom Family Matters, has hit the headlines over a steamy OnlyFans clip with trans model Sidney Starr. 

Starr took to X/Twitter on Wednesday (15 May) to share the clip, in which she can been seen grinding on McCrary – who embraces and kisses her. It has been viewed more than three million times.

She captioned the video: ”Y’all wanna see what happens next with me and Eddie Winslow? Subscribe to my OnlyFans right now.” 

Family Matters ran from 1989 to 1998, spanning nine seasons and 215 episodes, and once the clip of actor McCrary, 48, had gone live, fans of the show voiced their surprise online.

One person joked the character Eddie wasn’t raised to feature on a site such as OnlyFans, which is renowned as a platform for creators to share adult content.  

Others simply couldn’t believe what they had seen. 

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According to reports, the clip is from a 2021 photoshoot, which started rumours that the pair were dating. McCrary has previously denied the gossip, saying they were just friends.

“You gonna tell me who I can be friends with, who I can’t hang out with? I’m a grown man… stop running with these rumours, y’all,” AllHipHop quoted him as saying at the time.