TikTok star accused of doing blackface with controversial foundation for Black skin

TikToker Kevin Leonardo is facing a fierce backlash online after posting a video while wearing Youthforia’s new foundation shade, 600 Deep, which is designed for Black skin.

In the video, the influencer compares 600 Deep to Fenty Beauty’s darkest shade, explaining why the new beauty product has been controversial.

Leonardo begins the video by applying the foundation before saying: “The darkest of [Black people] would get called out for cultural appropriation if they wore this Youthforia foundation shade. 

“[Black people] of the internet are very upset with Youthforia for releasing this super dark foundation.” 


Viral TikToker Kevin Leonardo is facing accusations of #racism and blackface after posting a video wearing #Youthforia ‘s new #foundation shade. In the video, the influencer compares the Youthforia shade to fentybeauty’s darkest shade, explaining the reasons this new #beauty release has been so controversial. #black #africanamerican #makeup

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The influencer, who has a light complexion, then proceeds to keep the shade – intended for Black skin – on half of his face and apply Fenty Beauty’s darkest shade to the other side.

He refers to Youthforia’s darkest shade as ‘blackface’ and adds that the video is “just for demonstration”. 

Under his post, comments have accused him of doing blackface and ‘rage-baiting’, a term used to describe when influencers do something that’s intentionally shocking and controversial to boost engagement in the comments section. 

But others stood by Leonardo for trying to expose the controversy the brand – described as “tar in a bottle” by Black influencer Golloria George – has faced over its dark shade.

The BBC describes blackface as referring to someone, usually with white skin, painting their face to resemble a Black person. It’s seen as racist and dates back about 200 years, when Black people were commonly ridiculed for the entertainment of others.