Fans think Elite actors Omar Ayuso and Itzan Escamilla are dating – this is why

Elite actors Omar Ayuso and Itzan Escamilla have posted a photo of the pair holding hands – and fans of the pair are convinced that they’re dating.

Best known for playing gay and scandal-ridden character Omar Shanaa in Netflix’s Elite from 2018 to present, and a lead character named Samuel García from series one to five respectively, Ayuso and Escamilla have sent fans into a tailspin – but this time, with some off-screen shenanigans.

Posted to Escamilla’s 5.7 million Instagram followers, a picture of the pair striding along holding hands has thus far garnered over 360 thousand likes from fans, with some commenters immediately jumping to the conclusion that the pair are dating.

The theory has been encouraged by a comment from Ayuso on the picture, which reads: “Mi chicooooooooooooo” (which translates to ‘my boy’) and is followed by a heart emoji.

“What a plot twist!” one user commented.

“I don’t know how to react,” wrote another heartbroken fan, while a third went with a more concrete: “I always knew.”

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Escamilla has never publicly disclosed his sexuality, while Ayuso is gay. However, as some fans have reminded us, it is of course possible that the pair are simply friends, and there’s a big jump from friends holding hands to friends holding… other things.

“I don’t think this is what you all think it is,” one wrote, to which another replied: “If they are [in a relationship, I’m] happy for them. I’m just saying I think ppl are jumping.”

A second picture, posted to stylist and friend of the pair Javier González’s Instagram story, which shows Ayuso and Escamilla from a different angle alongside the caption “Pilladas” – ‘Caught’ in English – has also hit X.

Though neither have confirmed or denied their relationship as anything further than friends, it’s not the first time Aysuo has fed his queer fans.

The thirst-trap fond actor recently shared a painting of his bare bum, keeping up with the lengthy tradition of getting semi-naked on social media – for which we are very grateful.

Elite is available to stream on Netflix.

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