Man’s reaction to two women kissing in a nightclub photo is everyone’s new favourite meme

man looking on as two women kiss in popworld

Love them or hate them, there is nowhere to hide when it comes to candid nightclub photos. It’s no surprise then that quite a few of them have become instantly recognisable memes, such as the viral Milk Edinburgh Club and Kent U18s club lads.

Now, three unsuspecting revellers who attended a night out at Popworld in Plymouth on 1 June, might just have become the latest to achieve viral infamy.

The hilarious image, taken by Peaches Media for the venue, shows two women getting close to locking lips on the busy dance floor while one wide-eyed bloke looks on in astonishment.

It didn’t take long after the picture was shared for people to pick up on it and begin to make tongue-in-cheek remarks.

Plymouth Gossip Girls shared the image to it’s group (Screenshot via Facebook)

“That’s the last time he takes his mum for a pint,” one commenter said.

Another said: “The moment he realised he’s not pulling either girl.”

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Plymouth Gossip Girls – a Facebook group for women and girls in the area – shared the image on its page and it racked up more than 21,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.

“Popworld Plymouth have just posted some photos from last night… and if this picture doesn’t launch a million memes across the world, there’s something very wrong with the internet,” one of the members wrote.

“This has absolutely made our day. Go viral, queens.”

One Facebook user said: “When you’re so shocked, you turn Italian,” presumably referring to the man’s wrist and the How Italians Do Things meme.

With the same thing in mind, another wrote: “They’re so gay, they turned the guy Italian,” while someone else joked: “Poor bloke only went to get a drink.”

Alongside the comments, people were quick to whip up their own memes, some of which we’ve collated below.

Some social media users also couldn’t help but point out people in the background: a man wearing sunglasses inside, at night, and another who has what some people think is a hot dog in his mouth.

“Call me old-fashioned,” one person put in a lengthy comment, “I like to live my life in a certain way and if something is wrong I will happily point those things out.

“I also promote these ethics with children. I teach them about self-respect, I’ve showed them this photo and told them I don’t want to catch them doing anything like this or associating with anyone who behaves in this manner. Bloody sunglasses inside…”

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