Hawaii hotel holds brunch to support drag queens after Moms for Liberty official’s viral meltdown

A hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii, hosted a drag brunch after one of their hotel guests – UC Davis employee Beth Bourne – accosted a group of drag queens in the lobby.

A viral video posted by one of the drag queens involved, Marina Del Rey, showed a woman named Beth Bourne having a meltdown because Del Rey and her friends were in the lobby of the Alohilani Hotel in Waikiki.

Alohilani hotel hosted the drag brunch over the weekend in support of Del Rey and the other queens who were involved in the altercation.

In the clip, Beth Bourne was heard saying: “This is misogyny. If you give me back my money right now, I will leave the hotel. But I’m not going to have my children come down from the 30th floor to see what’s happening here.”

She also went on to ask one of the drag queens whether they are a man before saying her son “might think he can put on makeup and fancy clothing and high heels, and have his p***s cut off and take oestrogen and grown fake b***s like those”.

Bourne is the program director for the University of California (UC) Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and also the chairwoman of the California chapter of Moms for Liberty, an anti-queer, conservative group that, among other things, campaigns to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries.

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Police were eventually called to the altercation, with the Honolulu Police Department saying in a statement: “At the hotel’s request, the woman was issued a trespass warning and removed from the property without further incident.”

Bourne confirmed that it was her in the video in a post on X, writing: “I am not okay with children being exposed to drag queens. Several other Alohilani hotel guests told me they also found it offensive so I spoke up to the manager yesterday. I was briefly detained by police, refunded my hotel charges, and have no regrets for speaking up.”

Del Rey and the other drag queens were in the property to “film a video for an upcoming pageant, playing roles as hotel staff”.

After posting the video, Del Rey said: “This woman saw us filming and came to a slow burn, then popped off. Her rant went on and on, possibly with the attempt to get an angered response. She didn’t get one.”

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