Doctor Who spin off for Bisexual/ Gay Character

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An adult version of the popular Doctor Who series has been commissioned by the BBC to explore Doctor Who’s bisexual sidekick Captain Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman.

The revival of the classic serial was penned by Russell T Davis, who was the creator of the cult gay classic, Queer as Folk.

The new series will be called Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who) and will centre on a team investigating aliens at large in Britain.

Davis describes the new 13 part series as “a British sci-fi paranoid thriller, a cop show with a sense of humour.

“It’s dark, wild and sexy, it’s the X Files meets This Life. It’s a stand-alone series for adult audiences, which will have its own unique identity.

“I have just begun working on the scripts with a team of writers and cannot wait to see the results.”

Stuart Murphy the Controller of BBC 3 said, “Torchwood is a massive coup for BBC THREE, and a major commitment – it’s the biggest drama we’ve ever had on the channel.”

Torchwood will be shown next summer on BBC3 in 13 episodes, each lasting 45 minutes.