Revolution in British gay media about to begin

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In the early part of 2006, will be launching our largest and most exciting product. It’s still under wraps so we can’t say exactly what it will be but rest assured that it will take our community by storm. Here are a few words to describe our secret product: interesting, exciting, quality, direct, overdue. Plus here’s one more: FREE.

Whilst our product/ service may eventually be charged for, we want to test it and iron out the creases on a representative section of the LGBT community. Therefore we’re inviting you to pre-register to be part of a revolution in British gay media.

There are no right answers, we are looking for a wide range of people to take part so please answer honestly. Also please excuse the personal questions relating to income they simply ensure that we make our launch phase open to as wide a range of people as possible.

Visit to pre-register today!

Basic details


First Name



House number






Date of Birth



i.e. 18/03/1976

Work details

What industry would you class yourself as working in?

What do you estimate your annual income range to be?

Reading preferences

Which daily newspaper do you read most regularly?

Personal life

Which sexuality best describes you?

What is your relationship status?

We may need to ask you some follow up questions at a later date.

DATA PROTECTION Ltd respects your privacy.

The information contained within this form will be used solely to determine whether you will be eligible to receive our service/ use our products during our launch and testing phase.

The collection of data complies with the Data Protection Act.

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