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Overview takes your privacy seriously and takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard the personal information you supply to it. is a web property.

The Data Collected About You collects data about you, including answers to specific questions asked by’s sponsors. This information is used to assist and connected third parties in communicating with you about their products and services.

The Use of Cookies uses resident cookies to store data on your hard disk for the purpose of identifying you when you return to the site.

If you have resident cookies disabled in your browser you are still able to use the site but you may see the same offer twice or you may continually see the same banner adverts. uses sessions to store data on our server that are individually identifiable. In most cases a search for the keyword “cyberbritain” in your temporary internet files folder will find all the cookies that our site has placed on your computer. You may find no cookies even if your browser is cookie enabled. This would happen if you happen not to visit a part of the site where cookies are served.

As works with third parties to serve some of our advertisements, you may also find cookies from the following companies associated with a visit to,, tradedoubler and others.

Click Tracking tracks visitors to and on the site by using referrer tracking. also uses click thru and open mail tracking when sending emails. This process gives the ability to profile the recipients of their communications. It also provides us data relating to the country that you reside in.

Third Party Usage

The collection of data by through registration on third party sites may lead to your data also being held by that third party site.

The Use of Data by Third Parties

The data that you provide to, is held by both and the sponsors, of the questionnaires that you answer. holds your data in a central database and this database is only accessed by ourselves. However, when you have opted to receive information from a sponsor of a competition or questionnaire, they may gain access to part of this data.

The Use of Data to Validate Other Lists

Your data may be provided to clients of to be appended to information they already hold about you for the purpose of contacting you with information about their products and services. These clients may not contact you without your prior consent, so the primary use is to understand their existing users better.

The Use of Third Party Equipment, Servers or Suppliers

Not all services are provided and served by us directly. In certain circumstances other companies perform specialist services on our behalf to our users. This may be for the actual delivery of email or the hosting of a particular website. shall only be entitled to supply such of your personal information as is necessary to enable them to provide the relevant service to you. Unlike other websites, we only work with companies based within the European Union, so as to safe guard your privacy in accordance with EU best practice and European Commission directives. All partners must be registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

Relevance of Your Data

The data you provide to will be held as you have provided it. Functions exist within the website to change the data that is held.

Disclouse of Information will not provide your personal information to any third party without your prior consent, however, under certain circumstances, official government agencies may require the provision of information to the legal authorities. In order to maintain the integrity of its website and safeguard the interests of its subscribers will comply with any such legally binding request. However, when at all possible, will not divulge any information to agencies based outside the jurisdiction of England and Wales.


Whilst the internet is more secure than the postal service, it is not 100% secure. cannot guarantee the security of any information you send to via the Internet. is not responsible for any loss or damage you or others may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information.

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