Gay kiss advert cleared for broadcast

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The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that an advert for Dolce Gabbana that features two men kissing is suitable for broadcast at any time.

The television advertisement for DG watches showed various brief shots of people in cafes, restaurants and on a dance floor. In each shot, they were wearing two DG watches. In the final scene, a man loading groceries into his car gave one of his watches to a second man, after which they kissed briefly on the lips.

A total of 89 viewers sent complaints concerning the kiss to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the statutory body that regulates advertising in Britain.

70 viewers said that they objected to gay kisses being shown at times when children were watching. 17 specifically complained that the advert was broadcast during the popular X Factor series on ITV1.

19 viewers wrote to say that gay men kissing was unsuitable for broadcast at any time.

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) had approved the ad on the condition that it was not shown around programmes aimed specifically at children. They

believed the scene was relatively mild and did not justify any further restriction.

The ASA agreed with the BACC that the scene was not inappropriate at times of general, family viewing. The authority found that a kiss between two men automatically made an ad unacceptable for broadcast or that the kiss was in itself grounds for imposing a stricter timing restriction.

The authority concluded that the advertisement did not breach the codes for offence, scheduling restrictions and treatments unsuitable for children.