Sex the City star praises reaction to “lesbian” lover

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Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has thanked the press and public for respecting her privacy over a relationship with another woman.

Ms Nixon, who played cynical lawyer Miranda Hobbs on the hit show, split from her childhood sweetheart in 2003. A media frenzy followed after tabloid reports claimed she was having a lesbian relationship with Christine Marinoni.

She revealed that though it was a little ‘crazy’ finding her relationship with another woman on the front pages, she was grateful to the press and pubic alike for respecting her privacy. The star told Contactmusic, “It was a little crazy being on the front page of the paper, and I had photographers outside my house for a day or two, but, it wasn’t so bad.”

“I think people have been pretty good, I have to say. They understand and they’re pretty respectful.”

She added that although the media attention had been a bit overwhelming at first, she was pleased that the press had left her alone after a day or two.