Israeli politician promises gay marriage rights

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In the run up to this month’s elections in Israel, one politician has promised to push for the inclusion of gay people in a new law on civil marriage.

Yossi Beilin, a member of left wing party, Meretz, announced the group’s policy along with other politicians, at a bar popular with the gay community in Tel Aviv.

He plans to give out stickers saying “the voice of groom and groom,” and “the voice of bride and bride,” alluding to the Jewish marriage song, as part of their pro-gay campaign.

Mr Beilin blasted the Israeli Labor party for not addressing issues of the gay and lesbian community, he said: “It is shameful that Labor, which had stated it will support the gay community, disregards it in its platform.”

Aviv Neter, head of the party’s pride forum said: “In a week we will celebrate our 18th, since 18 years ago, the male copulation law was annulled, and it’s also the legal age for marriage.”