Talk show blasted for putting lesbians over drugs

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Irish talk show, the Late Late Show has been criticised by drugs groups for “putting lesbians before the drugs issue.”

Angry campaigners have expressed disgust at the RTE network for allowing more time to discuss gay marriage than to the drugs epidemic.

PJ Blake, chairman of the Cross Border Anti-Drugs Alliance Network said he was left fuming after Friday night’s show.

He told the People, “I appreciate these women have an issue to discuss and they are entitled to their rights. But don’t try and tell me gay rights are as important an issue as the drugs scourge sweeping Ireland.”

An RTE spokesman insisted each item was given an allocated time. He said: “While people might think The Late Late Show runs for a long time it has to fit an awful lot of topics in.”

“We did discuss the drugs issue but we also had to discuss other topics.”