Kristen Stewart gives talk show host Seth Meyers a hilarious, drunken ‘lesbian makeover’

Kristen Stewart gives Seth Meyers

Lesbian icon Kristen Stewart has given honorary lesbian Seth Meyers a drunken ‘lesbian makeover’.

In the latest edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers‘Day Drinking’ segment, the host began with the usual ritual of an array of cocktails pertaining to the guest’s career.

For Stewart, this included a Twilight-inspired drink: a Bloody Mary that includes garlic and is stirred with a wooden stake.

Meyers then admitted he’d never actually watched the series of films, telling Stewart to avoid spoilers as he insists: “Don’t ruin it!” The first one hit cinemas in 2008.

After countless questionable drinks, the shenanigans began. Meyers tasked Stewart with giving him a full “lesbian makeover” with an array of supplied “lesbian accessories and clothes”. It proved a hilarious show segment, especially considering Stewart’s recent fashion foray into the no pants trend

Meyers made it very clear that he was trusting Stewart to not only give him a righteous lesbian makeover but to transform him into the “lesbian icon” of his dreams. 

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The Love Lies Bleeding star, who recently got engaged to Dylan Meyer, took the challenge in her stride.

Stewart initially wasn’t too impressed by the options on offer and told Meyers the clothes were “really dated! I guess it’s all coming back around, though, right?”

Poking his head out of the makeshift changing room, Meyers told Stewart: “I’m kind of an expert on how lesbians dress.” His drunken expression was met by Stewart’s tipsy giggles. 

Meyers was unveiled in dark denim jeans, a white t-shirt paired with a denim jacket, oversized glasses and a green beanie. Of course, he also has a carabiner attached to his jean’s belt loop.

Surprisingly, it really suited him and Stewart seemed to think the same.

“Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?” Stewart asked.

The Late Night host replied: “I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be.”

Other memorable moments from this segment included getting Stewart to perform scenes where she comes out to her parents as a puppeteer and, later, that she was the inventor of macaroni.

This is all happening while Meyers drunkenly directs her from behind the bar. 

Meyers’ late-night show has given us a wealth of iconic queer moments. This included  Reneé Rapp officially welcoming Meyers into the queer community last year.

“I’m excited for you to come out as bi,” she teased Meyers when appearing on his show “You’re making a very good sales pitch,” he responded, laughing.

Meyers has repeatedly stood as an ally with the LGBTQ+ community. He’s handled homophobic sentiments aimed at him with grace as well as condemned Donald Trump when the former president revoked trans bathroom protections for students.

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