Gay son “murdered parents”

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A man accused of killing his parents had caused a fatal divide in his family because he is gay.

Ryan Johnson, told police he was out drinking with friends when his parents, Terence and Josephine Johnson, were tied up, strangled and stabbed to death, he is currently being held in custody on preliminary charges.

The 32 year old had moved from Cornwall to Greece with his parents for a new life last summer. Other Britons in the area said there was clear tension in the family. A neighbour told the Sun, “Everyone here either guessed or knew Ryan was gay.”

“I never saw him with a boyfriend, but there was no doubt which way he leant because he is a very effeminate lad. His dad was known not to like that fact at all and it seemed to have caused a split in the family.”

Police chief Captain Stelios Vardambasis said Mr Johnson’s recount of the weekend’s events was patchy, he said the son told officers, “We had no enemies, we got on well with everyone. I have no idea which sick minds could have done this.”

However, a German barmaid Charlene Jburg, 25, yesterday revealed he was not drunk and had only had two beers, she said: “He played a few games of pool. He seemed very relaxed. He wasn’t drunk.”

It was originally believed the attack was a robbery gone wrong as cash and valuables were missing.

The Sun claims he will be formally charged with murder today.