Explanation sought for “gay terrorists” incident

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Poland’s opposition party is demanding an explanation for an incident in last year’s elections when a bomb hoax was blamed on “gay terrorists.”

Wojciech Wierzejski, an MP from conservative Catholic party, LPR, told a Polish radio station it is more likely the ruling Law and Justice Party played a part in planting the fake bombs rather than gay organisations as it was originally suggested.

He accused the Minister of Justice of blocking the Public Prosecution Service from making any statements on this issue and vowed to launch a parliamentary investigation procedure

Fake bombs brought Warsaw to a standstill three days before presidential elections in Poland. Gay groups were blamed after an email allegedly from a “gay power organisation” claimed responsibility, many activists were also put under surveillance.

Gay campaigner, Łukasz Pałucki said: “Two years ago I made a comment in public that homophobic politicians who are gay should be outed publicly, but this does not mean that I am a terrorist. All this made our actions in Warsaw very troublesome, all those phone calls from the police were a nuisance.”

“I hope we will soon find out who really was behind planting those dummy bombs. In Poland, there are no gay extremist organisations.”

Commentators argue that President Lech Kaczynski, former mayor of Warsaw who banned gay pride parades, could have used the incident to evoke a terrorist threat to help his election campaign or to see how the country dealt with terrorism.