Gay “greed” killer jailed

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A court has rejected a gay man’s claims that he killed his lover because he wanted to escape the homosexual lifestyle.

The court and police dismissed Eric Schlensker’s account and said he murdered and robbed Larry Lewis through greed.

Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Anne Flanagan said: “The victim had a loving relationship with the suspect, but unfortunately it wasn’t reciprocated.”

The court heard Schlensker, 25, and Mr Lewis, 63, who had an on and off relationship, spent the day together in December but parted later, only for the killer to return and stab Mr Lewis in the head with a kitchen knife.

Schlensker went downstairs, put the knife in the dishwasher to clean it and stole Mr Lewis’s belongings including credit cards, watches and clothing, as well as BMW car, Ms Flanagan said.

He then sold or “rented” the car for $400 and ran a cheque cashing scheme to give his friends Lewis’s money to split with him, according to police.

The BMW was stopped in Cleveland when the stories of the occupants didn’t match, they were let go until Mr Lewis’s daughter reported her father missing, his body was found and officials were led back to Schlensker.

Schlensker, 25, pleaded guilty yesterday and was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility in 15 years.