Anti-gay candidate pushes Lib Dems into last place in Newham

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The anti-gay Christian Peoples’ Alliance (CPA) candidate for the mayor of the London Borough of Newham, Alan Craig has pushed the Liberal Democrat candidate into last place in the elections held yesterday.

The borough in East London is one of three in the capital that is run by a directly elected mayor, the others being Hackney and Lewisham.

Mr Craig came a surprise fourth in the poll with 6,559 votes against Anwar Hussain’s 2,886 votes. The election was won by the incumbent Labour mayor, Sir Robin Wales.

Last year, in the run up to the introduction of Civil Partnerships or “gay marriages” as they are affectionately known in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people (LGBT), Mr Craig said: “Marriage is a sacred institution given to us by God, but today it is under attack from many secular forces in Britain.

“As Christians, we believe in marriage, and we should work together with people of other faiths to defend and promote it.

“Independent research proves conclusively that the commitment and stability of the marriage-based family provides the best domestic arrangement for the nurture of children and consequently for our future as a society. Yet the government undermines parental authority and brings in laws that undermine marriage.

“The tax and benefits system is biased against marriage, the new Civil Partnerships laws promote a false and counterfeit idea of marriage that is a destructive parody of the real thing.

“Yet the marriage-based family is a very effective long-term answer to child poverty, adolescent anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancy and educational underachievement.”

The final tally of votes were as follows: Sir Robin Wales (Labour) 34,061 (including transfers), Abdurahman Akhtar Jafar (Respect) 15,881 (including transfers), Reza Ahmed Shafi Choudhury (Conservative) 8,822, Alan Craig (CPA) 6,599, Anwar Hussain (Liberal Democrats) 2, 886.