Paris Hilton descends on German toilet from 7000 feet

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When a girls got to go, a girls got to go, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a helicopter 7,000 feet above the ground.

Paris Hilton, the celebrity heiress ordered her helicopter pilot to descend on an unwitting German farming family so that she could excuse herself.

Ms Hilton gained cult status within the gay community following her television series ‘The Simple Life’. More magazine claim that her minders barred the family from entering their own house whilst she was on the toilet, perhaps to stop them from over hearing any unpleasant sounds.

Ms Hilton then spent ten minutes smoking on the porch of the farmer’s house as he wouldn’t allow her to smoke inside his home. The unnamed farmer said: “She was cold as a fish, and cursed about the weather.”

Her co-star in the Simple Life, Nicole Richie recently found that her catchphrase “loves it” has been latched onto by the gay community and is often expressed by camp, young gay men in London.