Drag Race icon Gottmik channels Paris Hilton – again – and we are sliving, gorge

Drag Race star Gottmik dressed as Paris Hilton

Drag Race icon Gottmik has reconnected with her inner Paris Hilton in a spoof of the TV personality’s new cooking show on Netflix, and it’s just so perfect.

After blowing fans away with her Paris impersonation during the Snatch Game on season 13 of Drag Race,Gottmik broke out the blonde wig once again to mark the launch of the new Netflix series Cooking With Paris.

In the Instagram video, Gottmik-as-Paris struts down a California walkway in a gorgeous silver dress, bejewelled collar with the word “SEXY” on it and hot pink gloves. She then pulls out a fuzzy, unicorn notebook and shares with the world the recipe for a “Paris Margarita”.


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The steps are simple. First, Gottmik explains, you need to “take the Paris Margarita mix” and put it in a mixer with a helping of “pink s**t”.

An onscreen caption helpfully explains that the “pink s**t” is in fact tequila.

“I hope you guys can keep up,” Gottmik says.

The drag expertly shows off her amazing mixing skills while dropping a few of Paris’ catchphrases before pouring the mixture of the “only thing in the whole world that’s not hot” –  a giant ice cube that’s far too big for her glass.

Ever the improvisation master, Gottmik slaps the ice cube down on the cup, breaking it.

Fans, queens and even Paris herself all enjoyed Gottmik’s margarita tutorial.

Drag Race season 13 star Denali Foxx said she was in stitches because of the hilarious glass breaking moment. Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka simply wrote: “YES”, which is really how we all feel.

The real Paris Hilton posted a copy of the video on her Instagram page, thanking the Drag Race star for “showing everyone how to make a Paris Margarita”.

“Glitter is the most important ingredient,” Paris wrote.

According to Netflix, Cooking With Paris sees the reality TV star add “her own flair to every dish”. This includes a bevvy of dishes that feature edible glitter and celebrity guests like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Saweetie.

Cooking With Paris is currently streaming on Netflix.