“Gay people like men;” Big Brother contestant wisdom

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Despite being self professedly gay, Big Brother housemate Michael is finding himself an unlikely ladies man.

Housemate Jayne suggested that maybe Michael might not be gay after all, because she was convinced he fancied her. The two shared a bubble bath last night, though, no doubt to the chagrin of the producers, nothing remotely exciting happened.

Jayne confided in Mikey that she suspected Michael of wanting to kiss her. Mikey, however, though this was extremely unlikely, saying “gay people like men!”

Jayne’s not the only housemate musing over Michael. Nikki admitted to Imogen that though Michael was “hard going” she was becoming increasingly fond of him. “he’s a bit of a slob in the kitchen … but that’s the only bad thing I have on him,” she said.

Nikki is another housemate for whom the boundaries between gay and straight seem a little blurred at times. In a game of spin the bottle she enjoyed a “lesbian-lite” snog with fellow housemate Aisleyne.

Aisleyne told spurned housemate Spiral, “I didn’t laugh at you babes. I don’t know you, I’ve just met you. I don’t kiss people I don’t know,” as she rejected his advances twice during the game.

“I kissed Pete because I always kiss Pete, and Nikki… well, don’t ask me why, but I just did,” she disclosed.