Big Brother’s Hallie says it would ‘break her heart’ if anti-trans hate contributed to eviction

Big Brother's trans housemate Hallie in a promotional image for ITV

Big Brother housemate Hallie has spoken up about whether she believes being trans had anything to do with her being evicted from the house.

The 18-year-old youth worker impressed viewers and fellow housemates after she came out as a trans woman just two days after entering the house earlier this month.

However, last week, she upset several housemates with her unruly bedroom antics after hiding several housemates’ belongings in a practical joke.

Hallie was also punished by Big Brother earlier in the season for rule breaking after she was caught writing secret messages with fellow housemate Olivia.


“I don’t like how Jenkin and Chanelle shut it down.” BigBrother’s third evictee #Hallie exclusively told #PinkNews what she thinks about the possibility anti-trans voters targeted her last week. Her housemate Olivia questioned if Hallie being transgender was the reason why she was voted out instead of Dylan or Trish, which was shut down by some of the other housemates. #bbuk #bigbrother #bbhallie #hallieclarke #trans #lgbtnews @Miss hallie

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After a turbulent few days, she was nominated by five housemates for eviction and went head-to-head with fellow Big Brother residents Trish and Dylan in the public vote. On Friday (27 October), Hallie was voted out.

In last night’s episode (29 October), Olivia suggested that Hallie may have been voted out due to the fact that she’s trans, given that the UK public is becoming increasingly intolerant of trans people.

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Speaking exclusively to PinkNews, Hallie revealed that it would be “heartbreaking” if her trans identity had indeed contributed to her getting the boot.

Big Brother Hallie and Olivia
Big Brother housemates Olivia and Hallie. (ITV/Big Brother)

“I’m not denying it may have a part to play in the reason I was voted out, because there are people out there that do not like the way I live my life, and do not like trans individuals,” she explained.

“But I just wouldn’t want to take my mind there. It’s heartbreaking to think that if the majority of the votes were because I’m trans. That would break my heart, because I’d want it to be for a more genuine reason, more about me and my personality, not just on the fact I’m trans.

“That’s horrible to think that’s why I was voted out,” she added.

While Hallie is hopeful that being trans was not the reason was evicted by the public, she said that she was pleased Olivia brought the conversation to the table – and was irritated that fellow housemates Jenkin and Chanelle immediately dismissed the possibility.

“I think it was amazing that Olivia had brought that up, because it brought more awareness to it. I don’t like how Jenkin and Chanelle had shut it down and had been like, ‘no, she can’t say that,’ because they don’t know.

“It could have a big part to play in the reason I was voted out, because everyone was in shock. I’m not denying it had a part to play, but I wouldn’t like to think it did.”

Now she’s out of the Big Brother house, Hallie has been feeling the love from fans, and fellow reality TV stars, including Married At First Sight star, Ella Morgan.

Married At First Sight’s trans star Ella Morgan poses with her back to the camera while wearing a shiny black dress at the PinkNews awards
Married At First Sight’s Ella Morgan. (Getty Images)

“Ella reached out to me and she’s so lovely. She said that if I ever want to talk to her I can talk to her. She’s amazing,” Hallie revealed.

It’s rare to see two trans women dominating mainstream shows on British TV, and while Hallie explained that representing the community was a “big weight” to carry on her shoulder, she thinks she did a “good job”.

“I’m just so thankful for having the opportunity to share my story as well and show trans visibility. It’s so important to me that trans people are shown in the media,” she explained.

“There’s this stigma around trans people, and I wanted to show everyone that we’re all from the same pile of mess called life. I’m no different to you and you’re no different to me.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITX every Sunday through to Friday.