Big Brother fans swoon as Jordan and Henry share secret kiss amid love triangle drama

Big Brother Jordan and Henry

Big Brother fans were squealing at their TV screens on Sunday night (29 October) as they watched Jordan and Henry share another secret kiss.

The two men have quietly been exploring a romantic spark in recent episodes, much to the delight of viewers at home.

But their relationship hit a rough patch when lawyer Jordan, 25, engaged in some rather deep, slightly flirty chats with geriatric doctor Matty, 24, sparking talks of a love triangle among fans.

Big Brother Jordan
Jordan reassured Henry he’s not interested in Matty. (ITV)

Food critic Henry, 25, was clearly a little bit worried that he would have to compete for Jordan’s attention – as were fans at home.

But everyone’s concerns were put to rest on Sunday night when Jordan made it clear where his heart lies, pulling Henry in for a secret kiss under the dining table.

Hoping they couldn’t be seen, the two crawled under the table on Sunday night, as Henry could be heard saying: “Where’s the cam? They will never see.”

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After coming back out from under the table, Jordan assured Henry that he only has eyes for him.

“I think Matty hasn’t met someone like you before,” Henry told Matty.

“It’s weird with him,” Jordan replied, “because he’s in a relationship but sometimes I sense he’s being a bit too overfamiliar.”

When Henry asked: “What, a bit flirty?”, Jordan told him: “Yeah but that’s how he approaches every person. And the thing is, I don’t find him attractive at all, he is totally not my type, but his eyes are nice and I like how he is engaged in a conversation.”

Big Brother Henry
Henry was unsure about Jordan and Matty’s relationship. (ITV)

By now, Jordan and Henry have shared a few discreet kisses in the Big Brother house, always out of sigh of the cameras – a rule that Jordan set last week when Henry made the first move.

Elsewhere in Sunday night’s episode, though, housemates started asking questions about the nature of Jordan and Henry’s relationship.

At one point, Olivia asked the pair: “You would never actually get together would you?” to which Jordan boldly replied: “Of course we would.”

Searching for further details, she pressed: “Do you fancy each other?”

In response, Jordan simply kissed Henry’s forehead.

Olivia isn’t the only one loving this budding romance, either. Fans at home are absolutely eating it up, taking to X to talk all things Jenry.

Jordan isn’t the only one who’s sure Matty won’t do anything too flirtatious in the Big Brother house.

Last week, former housemate Zak Srakaew, who was up against Henry for eviction before he was voted off, told PinkNews that he didn’t think Matty would get involved in any sort of love triangle.

“Matty’s got a boyfriend on the outside,” he explained. “And I feel like Matty’s one of those guys, he’ll stick to not doing anything stupid.

“I don’t believe that Matty’s gonna say to Jordan at all. You can see a lot of the time Matty was like ‘okay you need to stop now’. But we’ll see, in the house, it can get very intense. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.