Police officers resign after lesbian abuse

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Six police officers who called a former drug addict a lesbian have resigned from Lincolnshire police force.

Mark Connolly, 36, and Simon Alderson, 35, Matthew Dossett, 30, Ryan Duffy, 22, Jody Senior, 27, and Neill Webster, 23, were found guilty of disorderly conduct at Gainsborough Magistrates’ Court. They then lost an appeal at Nottingham Crown Court.

The officers were accused of insulting a former drug addict, Miguel Bowler, 35, as they travelled between Grantham and Boston after a drinking session.

In a statement, Deputy chief constable Richard Crompton of Lincolnshire Police said: “We can confirm that the six officers whose appeals against conviction for disorderly conduct were dismissed by a Crown Court judge at Nottingham last Tuesday have resigned.

“They have all been convicted of a criminal offence and as such at a discipline hearing they would all have been dismissed from the service.

“These officers have let us all down and we extend our apologies for their conduct to the woman they abused and all the other passengers on the train who witnessed the incident.”

The former police officers denied their involvement in the incident. Ms Bowler claimed that they called her a “drug dealer”, “skagrat” (a heroine addict), “scum of the earth” and a “lesbian”.

The men were suspended on full pay for 18 months but now face a £400 fine and costs of £900.