Lesbian Tory denies homophobia lost her ‘A List’ seat

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PinkNews.co.uk Exclusive

Sources in the Conservative Party who did not wish to be named have claimed to PinkNews.co.uk that lesbian businesswoman Margot James struggled to be selected for a parliamentary seat because of her sexuality.

Ms James, one of the more high profile names on the “Tory A List” of candidates which includes Conservatives expected to receive priority treatment in the selection process to represent winnable seats during the next General Election, last week failed in an effort to be selected in West Worcestershire.

A source told PinkNews.co.uk that the politician was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation and her wealth.

But Ms James rejected the claim, she told PinkNews.co.uk: “I don’t believe it was a factor, I think the candidate who won was a worthy winner.”

She recognised that homophobia could be a problem in getting selected in some marginal seats but insisted that was not the reason she failed on this occasion, “There is a danger that the gay community can sometimes make themselves victims too easily.”

Harriett Baldwin, another “A Lister”, was eventually selected in the constituency.