“Gay soldiers” lose war

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A leader in the Palestine based Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has hailed the Israeli army “full of gay soldiers.”

The homophobe claimed that Israel was ripe for attack following its failure to defeat Hezbollah.

Abu Oudai, a rocket coordinator for the West Bank based group, told WorldNetDaily, that Hezbollah’s “tremendous victory” had emboldened Palestinian groups to follow their example in the fight against Israel.

He blamed the defeat of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) not on ill conceived strategic planning or bad intelligence analysis but that “this Israeli army full of gay soldiers and full of corruption and with old-fashioned war methods can be defeated also in Palestine.”

“I think the most important achievement this war in Lebanon demonstrated is that Israel – with all its power, its air force, its tanks, its navy and its unlimited budget – can be defeated,” said the Al Asqa Brigade commander.

“Hezbollah won because it shows that the Arab and Muslim world and its resistance had finally imposed a new equation – destructive Arab missiles versus destructive Israeli air raids; Arab refugees in Lebanon lead to Israeli refugees inside Israel. It is a totally new equation that marks a new era in the Middle East.” he added.

The IDF has allowed homosexuals to take part in all areas of modern military life since 1993, though the presence of homosexuals in the armed forces plays no part in the success or failure of military operations.

Israel’s perceived failure was instead likely to have been a result of the IDF’s underestimation of Hezbollah military capabilities.

This comes despite claims by the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the campaign in Lebanon had “changed the strategic balance in the region” against Hezbollah. This statement of victory was audibly scoffed at by other members of the Knesset.

The conflict did present a number of new set backs in areas that the Israeli military had previously thought that they were invincible. In military terms, the missile strikes fired by Hezbollah that hit an IDF Naval vessel and the base of the IDF’s northern command in Israel announced the arrival of sophisticated modern weapons to their northern border during the conflict in southern Lebanon.