MP questions homophobic preacher lecture

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An Islamic Preacher who branded all single men in New York as “gay sodomites” has faced a furore over his planned speech in Cardiff.

Questions have been asked over the suitability of Dr Zakir Naik’s lecture to ‘Educating the Educators’ conference the St Davids Hall, Cardiff.

The lecture, due to take place this Saturday 19 August, had been organised to raise funds for an Islamic School in the Welsh capital.

Instead it has faced opposition from MP David Davies.

The Monmouth MP has voiced concern over his appearance at the fund raiser, saying in today’s Western Mail that “here is a man who believes people who change their religious beliefs should face the death penalty. Some of the rest of his views are, I think, arguably in breach of various laws aimed at keeping public order.”

Dr Naik claims on his website that because there are 25 million gays in the US that there are grounds for polygamous marriage arrangements for men to have multiple wives. He makes no reference to the existence of lesbians.

He said: “New York alone has one million more females as compared to the number of

males, and of the male population of New York one-third are gays i.e


His numbers though have been challenged by facts present on the CIA website concerning population numbers.

In the past Dr Naik has spoken widely on the Qu’ran and its common themes with other religions such as Christianity and Hinduism. He has faced opposition though from Muslim scholars for misrepresenting the Qu’ran.

Ali Sina, who runs the website, has challenged Dr Naik over various claims he has made in lectures and debates concerning Islam and has hailed the cleric as the ‘World’s Greatest Showman’ for his behaviour.

He claims that Dr Naik manipulates quotes from the Qu’ran to suit the points that he makes.

Revered cleric Dr Naik has made over 600 appearances at debates and lectures all around the world over the past several years, often talking of the reconcilable differences between Islam and other religions.

Saleem Kidwai, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Wales, disputed claims of extremist views from his speaker; “I don’t think he has said anything contradictory to our faith. He has a very good knowledge of the Bible, Koran and other religions.” Organisers, speaking to the Western Mail, added that Dr Naik was headline to help “put bums on seats.”

However he has been quoted as claiming that eating pork makes people act like pigs, talked extensively on what he perceives as the problem of “Gay America”, and criticised by Muslim clerics for radicalising people with his oratories and evidence.