Martina urges gay N-Sync star to become role model

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Tennis legend Martina Navratilova has written to People magazine praising N-Sync star Lance Bass for coming out.

Bass revealed his sexuality in a cover story for the popular US magazine last month, and also spoke about his relationship with his boyfriend, TV presenter and model Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Martina’s letter, published in the most recent edition of People, reads: “Lance Bass is a courageous young man.

“Coming out to your family and friends is hard enough; to do so to the world is a lot harder. I know, as I took this step more than 25 years ago”.

Bass used his People interview to say he did not want to become associated just with gay issues. He does seem comfortable with his new status, though

As reported on, earlier this week Bass attended a ceremony at the California State Legislature where his boyfriend was honoured as a role model for LGBT people.

Republican representatives heckled the participants, giving Bass some insight into the strong emotions homosexuality stirs in some of his countrymen.

Martina finished her letter by urging Bass to become active in the LGBT movement: “So as our fight for equality continues, I will not be surprised to one day see Lance Bass marching with the rest of us, right there in the front row.”