Seamen required for cruising channel

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The Big Cruise is looking for seamen to jump aboard when it sets sail next May on its maiden voyage.

The luxury liner, described as “one of the campest ships in the fleet” by its owners, will set sail from Dover on a 3 day cruise around the channel, including a day in St Peter’s Port, Guernsey.

It is the first gay cruise line to run out of the UK, following the commercial success of United States based cruising ships.

According to Tom Moore, the brains behind the Big Cruise, it was about cutting out the travel for US cruises.

“It annoyed us that you had to fly to the US to get a cruise, its far, far, too much hastle for a holiday when you spend 2 days traveling to get there.”

US based Atlantis claims to organise the holidays of over 15,000 people on cruises or in resorts, offering week long breaks.

Aquafest, also specialising in offers for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual holiday makers, offers cruises from as low as $479 (£250) on its week long Mardi Gras tour next February.

Mr Moore promises a “100% Gay cruise” and entertainment especially tailored for UK tastes with the only order to the Captain being to “follow the sun.”

Mr Moore told “the US cruises are very different to British cruises.”

“We totally reworked the entertainment scene for UK party goers and have some of the best UK nightclubs run the on board clubs. We have scheduled a comedy club full of well known gay comedians.”

The Big Cruise offers a 3 day, non-stop, party on board the 754-feet long ship.

Prices start from as low as £125 for the party on the sea.

It is aimed at entertaining a wide variety of gay passengers on board, and offers both luxury and economy range accommodation.

It is also happy to cater for both singles and couples as a holiday retreat.

According to Mr Moore the ship, with its six restaurants and 10 clubs, is aimed at the “ultimate mass market,” and not niche markets such as body builders.

“Its aimed at 20 to 30 somethings that would quite like to come on board for the best party of their lives.”