Drag Race UK vs The World confirms celeb guests for Snatch Game – and fans are shook

Stills from the RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 5 trailer.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World season two has named the two celebrities who will guest star as Snatch Game contestants, and the announcement has thrilled British gay men of a certain age.

Season two of Drag Race UK vs The World will begin on Friday 9 February, starring a line-up of 11 queens from across the Drag Race universe. 

Of course, the queens will have to take on a series of signature challenges, including the famous impersonation episode Snatch Game, which usually separates those likely to go all the way from the ones likely to get the chop.

Now, the BBC has revealed that the two celebrities set to play the Snatch Game panel alongside the queens are cruise ship connoisseur Jane McDonald, and Eighties singing sensation Sinitta.

Although McDonald is best known for music career and her TV travel show, Cruising with Jane McDonald, the star has, in recent years, been heralded as a camp legend by a generation of gay men.

Since finding a whole new fandom in the LGBTQ+ community, McDonald has been praying for a role on Drag Race, and even once called it the best thing on TV.

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“It’s brought a complete new genre into our industry, which has been given the light it should have had for an awful long time,” she told Entertainment Daily in 2022.

“I love it and I get a lot of my hairstyles and make-up tips from the show. I look at the queens sometimes and think: ‘That’s me’.”

Joining her on the celebrity panel will be “So Macho” singer Sinitta, who arguably became an instant gay favourite after donning nothing but banana leaves during an appearance on The X Factor in 2009.

The BBC revealed the names yesterday (23 January), declaring it a “hun crossover for the ages”.

Fans immediately, with one referring to the guest stars as the “campest duo possible”.

A second fan wrote on social media: “Sweet merciful Jesus in heaven and all the angels and saints, this is it. I’m sorry I ever doubted you RuPaul.”

A third predicted that the Snatch Game was “about to be the episode to end all episodes”.

Even the Drag Race UK vs The World cast members got in on the celebrations, with Choriza May writing: “Icons, icons, icons across the board.”

Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, however, was a little less enthused, saying: “As a Spanish person, with little to zero British culture in me, I’ll pretend that yes, this is huge.”

Choriza and Arantxa will be competing alongside Tia Kofi, Gothy Kendoll, Jonbers Blonde, Mayhem Miller, Scarlet Envy, Marina Summers, Hannah Conda, La Grande Dame and Keta Minaj.

Drag Race UK vs The World season two begins on Friday 9 February.

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