New LGBTQ+ bar opens in Scotland with commitment to being ‘accessible and inclusive’

Callum Raymond Young making cocktails

A new LGBTQ+ cocktail lounge and show bar has opened in Glasgow, Scotland, with the owner keen to make the venue “part of the tapestry” of the city’s queer community.

The Corset Club opened its doors at the end of last month, on Glasgow’s Virginia Street and is “committed to being accessible and inclusive”.

Locals will recognise the “Jacobean Corsetry” sign on the building – it was previously used as corset wholesales who provided luxury shape wear to stores across the UK, which inspired the new venue’s name.

Open seven days a week, it will serve range of cocktails and drinks – inspired by films and queer culture – and feature entertainment, including cabaret, drag and comedy performances. There are also plans to offer afternoon teas.

The venue is committed to being “accessible and inclusive”. (Supplied)

With a focus on inclusivity, the site has been designed to be “people friendly” and offers large-format menus, light-sensitivity glasses and accessible toilets.

The Corset Club is the brainchild of Callum Raymond Young, who has worked in the hospitality sector for a decade and always dreamed of owning his own place. He described it as “relaxed, vibrant and inclusive”.

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Speaking to PinkNews, bar owner Young said the LGBTQ+ scene in Glasgow was amazing, adding that he “always wanted to be part of the tapestry” of it.

As the bar is located on a street with “other fantastic venues that have been here for so long”, such as Delmonicas, The Riding Room and the Polo Lounge, he hopes the venue will add to the make-up of the area and give punters even more variety.

“I couldn’t have wished for better feedback from the community,” Young said after the bar opened.

“What the community tended to say was: ‘This is exactly what Glasgow wanted’, they wanted another little bit of option to the fantastic venues that are around.”

The Corset Club aims to be part of Glasgow’s queer “tapestry”. (supplied).

One big point Young noted was that The Corset Club’s shows run from 7pm to 9pm, with other venues in the area starting their shows at 9pm or after. He felt this would help foster a thriving evening trade in the area.

“We’re here to be part of the community. Being part of that community and [visiting] all these other bars has made myself feel comfortable in my sexuality.

“I want to create another space where maybe someone at the age of 18, who feels the way I felt, can come and feel accepted and comfortable within their own self and sexuality.”

The performance schedule for The Corset Club will include:

  • Monday: Stand-up comedy with LGBTQ+ women and people of colour performers.
  • Tuesday: Drag performer and singer, Slutdrop Sally.
  • Wednesday: Cabaret.
  • Thursday: Live vocals, jazz and power ballads.
  • Friday: Drag show hosted by Skinny Minnie, Slutdrop Sally and Tianah Tucker, with guests from across Scotland.
  • Saturday: 90s dance classics, piano tunes.
  • Sunday: Singer Lizzie Laine will host a relaxed show with audience interaction and familiar favourites.

The Corset Club is located at 53 Virginia Street, Merchant City.