Will Young wary of ‘gay’ image

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Will Young has told The Times that he is wary of acting in the same way as other artists because he is gay.

In an interview he said: “There are still things that I can’t do, being a gay man. You have to think carefully about things – about, for instance, prancing around with my top off in jeans.”

He claims that his sexuality has been a limiting factor in deciding how he acts on stage and in music videos saying: “Now if Robbie Williams prances around with his top off he’s a big hunk. Do you know what I mean?”

During the interview Mr Young spoke about his experience of coming out to the press, saying that it was about beating the Mail on Sunday that was threatening to ‘out’ him.

But in today’s Times2 he also spoke about his limitations as a gay artist.

Though he denies this is homophobia from music fans he said: “I always think I’m like a walking MORI poll and I don’t come across prejudice that much. I don’t think it’s homophobia. I think it’s just that people probably just don’t want to see it.”