Anti-gay group told to find another hotel

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Americans for Truth, the Naperville, Ill.-based organization dedicated to “confronting the homosexual activist agenda,” will have to find a new hotel to host its annual fund-raiser on 6th October.

Representatives for the Naperville Holiday Inn Select reportedly asked the organization’s executive director, Peter LaBarbera, to find another location for the event after LaBarbera mentioned it could draw protests from “homosexual activists.”

That request prompted LaBarbera to cry foul in an article posted to, a Christian news website.

“It seems that there is now a sort of politically correct homosexual ‘heckler’s veto’ that’s forcing or persuading businesses to do things to decent people that they wouldn’t normally do,” LaBarbera said.

“When a hotel chain is willing to cancel a Christian group’s event due to a potential protest by a homosexual activist group, it’s a sad day in America,” he added.

Holiday Inn Select General Manager Dennis Igoe had this to say about LaBarbera’s allegations: “We took a look at what we had at the hotel on the same evening. We had a wedding in the other ballroom,” he said in the Chicago Sun-Times.

“For the safety and security of all of our employees and guests, we decided that it is not a function that we wanted to have, based upon the potential of having a protest.”

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