The New York Post asks: Are you a gay senator?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The New York Post today published a Larry Craig-inspired graphic sidebar.

The spoof questionnaire offers to determine whether you are indeed a closeted gay Republican senator by asking questions such as “Do you immediately issue a statement denying involvement whenever there’s a gay-sex scandal even if your name hasn’t come up?” and “Do you take a ‘wide stance’ in public bathrooms?”

However, New York magazine was less than impressed by the ‘humorous’ article.

Their blog, the Daily Intelligencer ran a story about it entitled “Post homophobia still mysteriously unfunny”. The article states that the Post’s questionnaire “includes such juvenile, unfunny stereotypes that it’s clear the editorial staff still has no idea what’s appropriate.

“If blacks or Jews, for example, were painted in such broad strokes, there’d be widespread uproar. What’s most offensive, we think, is that none of it is ever funny.”

Craig has been found guilty of disorderly conduct in a public toilet.

Courts heard that plain clothes officer, who sat in an adjacent cubicle in a public toilet at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, observed that Craig repeatedly tapped his foot – supposedly a well-known signal for initiating gay sex – before brushing his foot against the officer’s and eventually resorting to waving his hand underneath the cubicle partition.