Hillary Clinton tackles lesbian rumours

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Next week’s issue of US gay magazine The Advocate includes a juicy interview with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Although much of the discussion surrounding the article has centred on the New York Democrat’s assertion that she isn’t gay, more interesting to the GLBT community may be the confirmation that she’s not a closet supporter of gay marriage.

According to those who have seen the article, Clinton tells Sean Kennedy, news editor at The Advocate, she would admit if she were quietly a supporter of marriage equality.

“This is an issue that I’ve had very few years of my life to think about when you really look at it, when you compare it to a whole life span,” Clinton is quoted as saying.

“I am where I am right now,” she added, “and it is a position that I come to authentically.”

As for her responses to Kennedy’s queries about her own sexuality, Clinton reportedly said, “It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.”

The issue of The Advocate including Clinton’s comments is on newsstands next week.

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