New website for LGBT history

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LGBT History Month UK have have launched a new interactive website.

The site contains a new calendar for History Month 2008 which allows individuals and organisations to advertise the events they are creating for LGBT History Month by both date and region. It also exhibits all events that have been organised nationwide, with all the relevant information about how to get involved.

Last year the organisation had over 800 events on the calendar and is expecting even more this year.

They have also set up an LGBT History Month Blog, to allow people to access a wide range of LGBT news, articles, events organisations and other useful and entertaining information including a weekly LGBT guide to radio and television.

Also on the site is the LGBT History Month Forum, which allows subscribers to speak to each other, to seek advice on the organising of events, find speakers or entertainers for their event, raise topics for discussion, respond to a monthly poll – this month “Was Shakespeare Gay?” – and discuss anything relating to LGBT History Month, its events and the people and issues it raises.

LGBT History Month was instigated in the UK by LGBT campaigning organisation Schools Out. It first took place in February 2005, in the wake of the abolition of Section 28 and is intended to raise awareness of, and combat prejudice against, the LGBT community.

LGBT History Month is intended to be an annual event in the UK, taking place every February to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen was the featured speaker at the launch of LGBT History Month 2007.

Visit for more information.