Labour fund created to support LGBT candidates

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The Labour Party has launched a campaign fund to support LGBT candidates, especially women, at future elections.

Dorothy’s List was set up with the objective of raising £2,000 to help members of the LGBT community overcome the obstacles which they face when running for political office.

LGBT Labour said that they have so far received a positive response both from the LGBT community and from Labour party candidates and members.

“Dorothy’s List is important because there still remain barriers for LGBT people getting into Parliament, especially women, and the number of out MPs remains small,” James Asser from the LGBT Labour told

When asked whether he thought the fund sectionalised the LGBT community, Mr Asser replied that he didn’t think it sectionalised gay people any more than campaigning for more female MPs sectionalises women.

“It is about helping support our LGBT candidates in their campaign and trying to increase LGBT representation in parliament, which will benefit the LGBT community and give them a stronger more representative voice,” he said.

The name Dorothy’s List a taken from Emily’s List, which was launched in 1993 to raise money to help women members of the Labour Party with the cost involved with seeking parliamentary selection.

Emily was substituted with Dorothy because in gay slang, a “friend of Dorothy” is an old term for a gay man.

The euphemism dates back to World War Two when homosexuality was still illegal.

In the US, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund is the American political action committee dedicated to increase the number of LGBT public officials. However, it backs candidates from both major parties.