Pop star reveals he is HIV positive

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Andreas Lundstedt, best known as a member of pop group Alcazar, has confirmed in a Swedish magazine interview that he his HIV+.

The Swede told QX that he tested positive for the virus several years ago.

Alcazar are best-known for their hit Crying At The Discoteque.

Lundstedt, 35, has been the subject of rumours and gossip about his HIV status for some years.

He told the Swedish magazine that he has a less agressive strain of the virus and “I don’t need to swallow masses of tablets.

“As a human being you have no obligation to share things with the entire Swedish population that only really concern oneself,” he said.

“I know that there are more people in my industry who have it, and it’s just a shame that it’s a taboo issue.”

He has been praised by a Swedish politician for coming out about his status.

“It’s very sad to hear that Andreas is HIV positive. He is brave, we must support him,” leader of the opposition Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin, told newspaper Expressen.