Edwards drops out of race for White House

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Former US Senator John Edwards has announced he will end his campaign for Democratic party nomination for President of the United States.

An official announcement is expected later today in New Orleans. Mr Edwards’ decision means the Democratic nominee will now be either former US First Lady Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack Obama.

Senator Edwards’ campaign has focused on poverty in America. He had not won any of the Democratic caucuses and primaries held so far.

He ran for Vice President with John Kerry in 2004.

During the campaign he differed with his wife Elizabeth over LGBT rights.

She is in favour of full gay marriage, whereas Senator Edwards only supports same-sex partnerships but is against a Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

In common with the remaining Democratic candidates he was supportive of the majority of LGBT issues, including transgender-inclusive non-discrimination and hate crimes laws.

Edwards made his name as a trial lawyer, taking on corporate clients and winning huge damages for his clients.

Born in South Carolina, he represented North Carolina in the US Senate from 1999 to 2005.