Clinton campaign ad actress supports Obama

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It was an ad campaign that seemed to change the tide of Hillary Clinton’s race for the Presidential nomination.

Capitalising on her years of experience, Clinton assured viewers she was the best person to pick up the phone if a national emergency arose at 3am.

The tactic seemed to work, but now it has emerged that an actress in the ad, Casey Knowles, says she is a actually an Obama supporter.

Clinton has run the race for the nomination on a platform of experience, reputation and political action that she has stated her fellow candidate Barack Obama lacks.

The 3am phone ad features several Americans who are sleeping while she is answering the call to duty.

One of those featured is Casey Knowles, who was filmed at 8 years old as an extra in a stock footage montage for Getty Images.

The Clinton campaign used the ten year old footage to drive home the message that she is ready to help protect the country from crisis on day one.

Now a senior in high school Knowles, who turns 18 next month, noticed her image in the ad during a parody on The Daily Show, and was shocked that she was being used by the Clinton campaign.

Casey represents a younger generation of voters, who typically have been more impressed with Obama’s messages over Clinton’s actions and experience.

Knowles told Good Morning America Weekend Edition on Sunday:

“I think it’s a cheap hit to take. I really prefer Obama’s message of looking forward to a bright future.

“I really admire Senator Clinton,” Knowles explained to Matt Lauer on Today, “but I don’t think this ad was the most classy move on her part.

“I think it was kind of a low-brow sort of move.”

Casey has been an active campaigner for Obama and was named a precinct captain for the Washington state caucuses.

While she says that she is in the Obama court, she reassured Good Morning America viewers that she would still vote for whichever Democrat wins the nomination.

According to the Associated Press, Knowles has already been contacted by the Obama campaign and suggested that she make a counter ad against Hillary Clinton.

“They thought that was really funny. They actually might take me up on it.”

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