Iris claims Hansard “misquoted” her child abuse comments

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A Unionist MP has tried to claim that the parliamentary report “misquoted her” and she did not say homosexuality and sodomy are worse that child abuse.

Iris Robinson issued a statement yesterday.

“The remarks in the Northern Ireland Grand Committee report do not accurately reflect my views,” she said.

“While I will be seeking to check the committee recording, what I clearly intended to say was that child abuse was worse even than homosexuality and sodomy.

“At no point have I set out to suggest homosexuality was worse than child sex abuse.”

Hansard, the official parliamentary record, is renown for its accuracy.

Staff have reviewed audio recordings of the committee meeting on June 17th and satisfied they did not misquote Mrs Robinson.

“There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children,” she said.

“There must be sufficient confidence that the community has the best possible protection against such perverts.”

Mrs Robinson, the MP and Northern Ireland Assembly members for Strangford, is married to the First Minister, Peter Robinson. Politicians from all parties have criticised her.

She has tried to downplay her comments, while reiterating her Bible-inspired beliefs that homosexuality is an abomination, and claims she meant to say that child abuse is worse than homosexuality.

Christian Steven Colhoun, told the Belfast News Letter:

“As a young gay Christian, I have to ask why she felt the need to bring me into the debate about sex offenders?

“Let this be clear for anyone in any doubt. Homosexuality is not comparable to child abuse. We are not paedophiles. We do not condone child abuse.

“Iris Robinson claims to be a Christian. I do not see Christ in her words.

“As a politician, she has very poor judgment, and her suitability as a public representative must now be called into question.”