Coronation Street: Liz and Clarissa fight over Harry

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and that is certainly the case on the street this week. It all kicks off when Liz accepts a date with Harry to help him celebrate another milestone in getting his divorce papers signed unaware that his soon to be ex-wife still has feelings for him. Things get rather awkward when Harry arrives home with his date only to find his soon to be ex-wife has slipped into something more comfortable and has a candlelit dinner waiting for him. Clarissa obviously still has feelings for her husband, the question is: will Harry still have feelings for her?

Feeling completely embarrassed Liz flees the house but Clarissa doesn’t want to let it drop and storms over to the Rovers where the two women end up having a bar room brawl. Thankfully Harry is soon at the scene to remove his troublesome ex and escorts her from the scene. Liz is delighted as she is sure Harry will be back to end the evening with her but she hasn’t counted on the passion that still exists between them. Which lady will Harry choose?

Elsewhere, could another triangle be about to form between Dev and Prem’s Bollywood star wife Nina? Dev is infatuated with her from the off and is made up when Prem invites him over for dinner. To make up the foursome Prem also invites his vivacious young accountant but it’s clear that Dev only has eyes for Nina. Later in the evening all Dev’s Christmases come at once when she offers herself to him on a plate. Is his resolve strong enough to turn her down? Or will Dev sleep with his friend’s wife?

Meanwhile, Jason and Becky return home from their holiday to news that Steve and Michelle have split up. Wracked with guilt Becky decides to play matchmaker and get the warring pair back together. Will Becky’s efforts be too little too late? Or will her attempt to play cupid pay off?

From sparring couples to those on the brink of marital bliss, except that Tyrone is beginning to wonder just how happy Molly will be about that small wedding they have planned. After talking to Jack, Tyrone decides to take his advice and give Molly the big wedding he knows she’s always wanted. There’s only one small problem: how is he going to pay for it?

In a bid to raise some extra cash Tyrone tries to get some shifts at Street cars but Steve knocks him back. Will Tyrone ever manage to get the money together to give Molly the wedding of her dreams? And even if he does, will it turn out to be the wedding of her nightmares?

Meanwhile John is following Fiz about like a shadow and it is starting to get on her nerves. Wherever Fiz goes, John seems to go, but when Norris makes a remark about it to him in the Kabin, Fiz finds herself jumping to his defence, which leaves Kelly wondering if Fiz has feelings for him. Is there something between Fiz and John? Or are they just friends?

Coronation Street: Liz and Clarissa fight over Harry