Lesbian couple both gave birth to twins on same day

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A lesbian couple who welcomed four new babies to their family on the same day are enjoying life as the proud parents of quads, according to an interview with the Daily Mail.

Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett, both impregnated via IVF, gave birth to two sets of twins less than 24 hours apart.

The couple’s story was featured in a Discovery Health channel special titled Quads with Two Moms last month.

In the Daily Mail on Tuesday, Ms Wesolowski and partner Ms Padgett recount the long journey they undertook to have children together.

The couple, who met in August, 2000 while working in California, struggled for the past three years to have a child.

Although Padgett was raising a daughter from a previous marriage, the two women desperately wanted to have their own baby together.

After years of IVF procedures using various combinations of Ms Wesolowski and Ms Padgett’s eggs and donor sperm, both women finally became pregnant late last year.

Originally, the two women were only attempting to have one child, but fate had other plans in mind for the couple.

Over the past three years, they spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, but nothing worked.

Finally, last November, the couple decided to both be implanted with a combination of Ms Padgett’s eggs and sperm from an anonymous donor.

Hoping for just one successful pregnancy as a result, the couple was amazed when they both discovered they were pregnant.

“I had the blood test first and when it came back positive, I was thrilled of course, but still wanted to know what Karen’s results were,” Ms Padgett told the Daily Mail.

“And when the doctor opened the door with a smile on her face and told us we were both pregnant, we could hardly contain ourselves.”

Although the couple was well aware of the increased chance of having twins through IVF pregnancy, they never thought it would be possible that both of them might be carrying two babies.

“The idea of having quads never really occurred to us then,” Ms Padgett told the Mail.

As it turned out, both women were carrying twins and both would go on to give birth to two healthy babies—a boy and a girl each.

Even more astounding, the two women ended up giving birth within 24 hours of each other in a completely unplanned chance event.

Ms Padgett went in for a routine checkup three weeks before her due date and found out she was in the early stages of labour.

A short time later she had given birth to baby girl Sophia and baby boy Alex.

Twenty-two hours later, Ms Wesolowski delivered son Andrew and daughter Sienna.

Although life with a quad set of new babies has not been easy, the two women are thrilled to finally have the children together they had desired for so long.

“Now we have four babies who are all brothers and sisters,” Ms Wesolowski told the Mail.

“Our family is complete.”

Ms Padgett and Ms Wesolowki were the subject of a Discovery Health documentary, Quads with 2 Moms, which aired in June.

Read the full interview with the happy couple here.

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