Lesbian TikTok stars clap back at body-shaming trolls after baby birth

Lesbian influencers Caitlin and Leah have hit back at trolls who mocked the former’s body after she gave birth to their second child.

The TikTok couple welcomed their daughter Lyla Anna in April. Caitlin gave birth using Leah’s eggs.

Leah carried the couple’s baby boy, Oakley, who was born last year using Caitlin’s eggs.

“These comments don’t get to me because I am so proud of my postpartum body,” Caitlin said in a TikTok video. “But it does upset me because if some people are reading the comments and their stomach looks similar to mine after giving birth, that could really affect them.”

She went on to say: “The love you have for your child and what you go through to have your child is so worth it to have a stomach that looks like this.”

Caitlin, who launched parenting podcast “The 3am Club” with wife Leah in April, insisted that society needs to “normalise” people’s bodies changing after giving birth, adding that it can take two years to fully recover after pregnancy.

“Why are we making people feel so ashamed for looking like this after having a child?” she asked.

Before beginning IVF and giving birth, the couple used TikTok to speak about mental health and their struggles with anxiety. In an interview with PinkNews in 2021, Leah said: “We just wanted to show people that it may look perfect, but everyone does have a struggle.”

And fans have praised their content. “[Being on TikTok] kind of helped us become more comfortable in our sexuality, especially knowing that we’ve helped others,” Caitlin said.

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