Coronation Street: Tina breaks it off with David

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You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that David and Tina’s relationship is headed for the rocks this week. Once David crosses the line of acceptability by hacking into Tina’s personal emails you know he’s asking for trouble. Daryl tries to stop his friend from spying on Tina but David’s obsession with who she has been emailing is too strong for him to resist.

However, he is over the moon when he discovers that Tina has been emailing her ex boyfriend and singing David’s praises to him. Now if he had just left things like this everything might have been OK, but this is David we’re talking about and his track record shows he doesn’t know the meaning of acceptable boundaries.

He reads in one of Tina’s emails that she likes a certain band and buys her tickets to go and see them. Initially she thinks this is great but after a chat with Daryl she discovers what he’s done and storms round his house to give him the old heave-ho. Poor David, in the doghouse again.

Elsewhere Dev is getting himself in deeper with beautiful Bollywood stunner Nina and people are beginning to notice. After his night with the glamour girl he is feeling on top of the world but his happy spirits are soon dampened when he starts to realise that he is just a pawn in Nina’s game to get back at her husband. Will Dev get out before he gets hurt?

Meanwhile on the way home from the booze cruise, Audrey starts to have serious doubts about her and Bill’s relationship. When the car Bill is driving gets a puncture Audrey blames Bill and so he storms off with Janice and Roger for a few beers leaving Audrey the only one capable of driving home. However disaster strikes when, during another argument with Bill, Audrey takes her eyes off the road.

After the smash, Audrey who is the most badly injured is rushed straight to hospital. Once she is released Ted offers to take care of her at home and the two are soon chatting about the state of Audrey and Bill’s relationship. In a shattering revelation Audrey reveals that she is looking for a soul mate and Bill is not it. Is this the end for Bill and Audrey?

Later in the week we learn that Audrey has thrown Bill out, but Ted agrees to stay with Audrey to keep her company. Bill however is not willing to give in so easily and tells Janice that he wants Audrey back. Will Bill win Audrey back or should he just accept that she’s moved on?

Meanwhile the ongoing feud between Clarissa and Liz intensifies this week as Clarissa takes every opportunity to rub Liz’s nose in it. However it is the last straw for Liz when Clarissa flounces into the Rovers demanding champagne to celebrate her and Harry’s non-divorce. The cheek of it!

The wind is soon taken out of her sails though, when Harry tells her that he has no intention of rushing back into a relationship together. Liz can’t help but feel a bit smug and decides to step up her game to win Harry back. There is still everything to play for.