EastEnders: Phil reveals some shocking home truths

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Family, or “fam-lee” as the residents of Albert Square would say, is the focus of this week’s event in Walford. First off, Peggy and Archie’s rather sudden decision to tie the knot sparks tension within the Mitchell camp as Ronnie suspect’s her dad’s true motives. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit too well with Peggy who is growing tired of Ronnie’s drunken rants about how evil her father is. Aren’t we all?

Meanwhile, Peggy has bigger worries than whether Ronnie will accept her marriage to Archie. She is convinced that Phil is planning to move away with Ben and is terrified she will lose her grandson. Is Peggy’s assumption right?

Still hell-bent on trying to make his son a mini version of him, Phil takes Ben to basketball classes. However non-athletic Ben has other ideas and feigns a stomach upset to get out of playing. Phil is none too pleased and tensions escalate between the two.

Things finally bubble to a head at the family dinner Peggy throws in the Vic, when Phil discovers that Ben has been hiding food in his napkin. Furious, he grabs him by the arm and drags him outside threatening to tan his backside. Will Phil hit his son? Or will Ben find the courage to stand up to his violent dad?

As Peggy and Archie try to stop Phil dragging Ben out of the room he erupts with anger and spills some shocking secrets to the assembled Mitchell family at the dinner table. Peggy begs him to stop his furious tirade in front of his son, but Phil is in a blind fury and it seems nothing can stop him as reveals how he was abused by his father. How will Ben react to his dad’s revelations? Will Phil follow his father’s abusive footsteps?

Meanwhile Shirley is not best pleased to learn that Phil’s new love interest Suzy is back on the scene and has been welcomed into the pub by Peggy with open arms. She has called things off with Vinnie and it’s clear to see that she has feelings for Phil but will she admit it to herself, let alone to him?

We all know that deep down Phil likes Shirley too as the tension between them is palpable but this week he plays his cards close to his chest and keeps Shirley at arm’s length. Could he secretly be enjoying Shirley’s jealous reaction to his new woman? Of course he is.

Meanwhile Phil has a rival for Suzy’s affections in the shape of Minty. The infatuated car mechanic can’t keep his eyes off the blonde bombshell, not that Phil seems to have noticed. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance but that doesn’t stop him from chatting and flirting with her at every opportunity. Will Minty win Suzy over? Watch this space.

Later in the week, there’s another shock in store when we see Walford vixen and general bad girl Clare pondering inquisitively over a leaflet on Christianity. Will this sinner become a saint? We seriously doubt it, but who knows? It is Walford. Anything can happen.
EastEnders: Phil reveals some shocking home truths