Californian gay couple filed for divorce after just three days of marriage

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The first divorce of a gay couple in California was filed just three days after they married, court records have revealed.

Theresa Ramirez and Adelita Guajardo of Fresno County, Califronia married on 27th June 2008 and filed for divorce on the 30th.

Ms Ramirez filed for divorce, the courts records show, citing ”irreconcilable differences” between her and Ms Guajardo.

Norm Fletcher, a local lawyer told Santa Barbara News Press: “‘Sometimes people are together for 10 or 20 years and then get married and there is a different feeling.

“There is no longer a relationship based on trust, but based on a piece of paper.”

But he said that the fact that they could now legally marry could have caused them to split-up: “‘In a way, gays and lesbians had a common enemy in the form of the state and society. People who have common enemies tend to stick together.”

But with gay marriage legal he said ”it’s no longer you and me against the world – it’s you and me against each other.”

In May, the California Supreme Court ruled that preventing gay and lesbian couples from enjoying equal marriage rights was a violation of the state’s constitution.

However, gay marriage opponents believe the Supreme Court’s decision to allow equal marriage rights to same-sex couples was in error.