Coronation Street: Mel suspects Teresa’s evil plan

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Teresa is sailing close to the wind this week as her plot to poison Jerry is almost discovered. Gail is the first person to smell trouble and calls the doctor to come and look at Jerry who looks increasingly unwell. However, Teresa’s only concern is that her nasty little plan is about to be uncovered just as the old man was softening to the idea of her living with him. Charming we must say. How much longer can Teresa keep up this charade?

Things start to unravel even more when Mel returns home from holiday and is shocked to see Jerry looking so poorly. She is even more shocked to see that Teresa is still living there and starts to smell a rat. But the scheming minx reveals she is moving out that day into a new flat, Mel is overjoyed as it couldn’t be soon enough. However, before she leaves Teresa puts more pills in Jerry’s dinner and he quickly becomes extremely sick. But once she gets in the taxi, Teresa suddenly has a pang of conscience and makes her way back to the Mortons. Will she make it in time to save Jerry?

Feeling increasingly unwell, Jerry’s pleased to have Teresa back. Mel’s suspicious though and makes a few phone calls about the flat, which Teresa claims has fallen through. Discovering it’s all a lie, Mel’s furious. Desperately trying to claw her way out of an awful situation Teresa claims she just wants to look after Jerry. But Mel’s had enough and tells her dad to choose – either Teresa goes or she does. How will an exhausted Jerry react as Teresa’s poisoning takes its toll on his health?

Elsewhere, David is playing with fire as he uses Amber to make Tina jealous. He invites Amber out to lunch. She thinks it’s a date and so dresses up to the nines which doesn’t get unnoticed by Tina who’s also in the pub. It is clear she’s jealous but she tries her best not to show it in front of David. Back at the house, things are getting steamy between Amber and David. However, David doesn’t feel right kissing Amber. Just at that moment who should barge in but Tina? How will she react? Will David and Tina get back together?

Meanwhile, there’s trouble brewing between Tyrone and Jackie when she reveals she has no intention of paying Brian what she owes him and plans to do a runner. Tyrone is furious with her. But the real Jackie soon comes out in all her glory and she reveals how she scammed him. Poor Tyrone is devastated, but when Molly suggests using their wedding fund to help her out he won’t hear of it as he’s had enough of bailing her out.

What will Tyrone do as he’s abandoned by his mother again?

Elsewhere, there is trouble of a romantic kind as Fiz is confused by her growing feelings for John. When Julie spots the two of them sharing a drink at the Rovers Fiz is mortified as she knows what Julie thinks of him. Expecting Julie to be disparaging about their friendship, Fiz is shocked when Julie suggests maybe she should give him another chance. Will Fiz take Julie’s advice?
Coronation Street: Mel suspects Teresa’s evil plan